FLOAT chair on historic ground

Contact Copenhagen have for Bo Bedre visited the 100 year old balloon hangar in Copenhagen, and captured FLOAT chair and other new designs in the historic building today owned by Realdania By & Byg. FLOAT is designed by Lars Vejen and Taijiro Ishiko (studioA27) for Motarasu.

Lars Vejen nominated “Designer of the year” 2018

Lars Vejen Nomineret til Årets Designer Design Award 2018 Photo by Dejan Alankhan

Design Awards is founded by Denmarks leading design- and life style magasines and has in 2018 nominated Lars Vejen as “Designer of the year”! Thank you for this prestigious nomination and your interest in my work! I am looking very much forward to the Award Show and a great night in good company! Thank you!!! […]

Bo Bedre features design news from Lars Vejen

Bo Bedre nyheder Design Studio Lars Vejen Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle dør ARDESS

Leading Danish design and interior magazine BO BEDRE features the new and unique interior door designed by Lars Vejen; Dinesen FRAMED by Vahle FRAMED is the perfect example of balance between design, first class materials, unique handcraft and architecture. The design mirrors the impressive lenght and width of Dinesen solid wood floor planks and are […]

Bo Bedre portrait on Design Collaborations by Lars Vejen

Bo Bedre Lars Vejen portrait 2017

Leading Danish interior design magazine BO BEDRE writes about the near thirty new designs by Lars Vejen created with Japanese and Danish craftsmen and manufacturing companies – all as part of Lars Vejens project and exhibition named DESIGN COLLABORATIONS (Danish text only) BoBedre December 2017 Lars Vejen Design Collaborations Japan_Denmark 150 years exhibition