New BLACKBOX family member

BLACKBOX magnetic reception modules designed by Lars Vejen for JENSENplus

This year at Stockholm Furniture Fair (SFF2015) the latest product in my BLACKBOX series by JENSENplus was introduced – a modular reception desk system with a rather unique feature; the entire system consists of complete and individual modules and is on site simply combined using integrated magnets giving the end user unlimited possibility to compose, […]

Second product launch / 2015

STRAIGHTS designed by Lars Vejen for One Copenhagen

Second product launch this year will be introduced at Stockholm Furniture Fair (SFF) 2015. The design is called STRAIGHTS and is a modular series of shelves/panels intended for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, cafes, shops etc. – anywhere a minimalistic and high quality product is desired to add aesthetic functionality and freedom in composition. Made from […]

First product launch / 2015

ON BOARD design Lars Vejen for The Oak Men

A new great year beginning with the launch of the ON BOARD serving/cutting board manufactured by The Oak Men. Made from solid oak, treated with natural oil and ready for every day use in kitchen or at the table – enjoy! Presented with other handcrafted high quality products at the northmodern fair in Copenhagen from […]

Happy new year!

Lars Vejen Happy New Year 2015

A fantastic year has ended and a new one just begun! Since founding my design studio on 1st of September 2014 I already had the pleasure of “new year” once before the actual change from 2014 to 2015 – I enter this with only positive energy from the many exiting project developments I am currently […]

Graphic design of company logo and profile

Lars Vejen House of Cards combined sketch and photo

In the process of starting my own design studio naturally a logo and graphic profile was also on the agenda! I have chosen to use my full name and the beginning letters of each name to create a strong, square shaped figure – capturing both name and the essence of what I want with both […]