ENSO table lamp

table lamp oak wood, laminated japanese paper 2023 Available at the webshop ▶︎  

ENSO pendant lamp

ENSO lamp design Lars Vejen for KOHSEKI

lamp series cedar wood, laminated japanese paper 2017 Limited bespoke production in Japan: Kohseki Global production: Motarasu photos by dejan alankhan and jacob lerche Available at the webshop ▶︎  

H2O tee collection

clothing cotton, textile print 2020 Available at the webshop ▶︎  


STOOLBOX Design Lars Vejen for Washitaka 02

furniture cedar wood 2017    

STICK lantern

STICK lantern Design Lars Vejen for Kobishiya Chube 02

lamp bamboo, cedar wood, japanese paper 2017