[one_half]Design is a universal language capable of extending beyond time, space and culture. With Design Collaborations, I wish to demonstrate that anything is possible when joined forces stay focused and determined to succeed. Design Collaborations showcases and celebrates the power of design through partner collaborations. And with a collection of very diverse products, I wish to bring together selected manufacturing partners to share and explore the fruitful possibilities of co-creation across industries.


Vol. 03
Second project and third + fourth exhibition under the Design Collaborations project will mark the 150 years trade anniversary between Japan and Denmark. An ambitious and generous exhibition launching almost 30 new designs by Lars Vejen in collaboration with Japanese and Danish craftsmen and manufactures will open at the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts on Japans Culture day 3/11 2017 and after this at Gallery A. Petersen Collection & Craft in Copenhagen 7/12 2017. Read more on the exhibition and collaborations at DANISH™️ or download Press Release (in Danish) by LET´S DO PR

Vol. 02
Second event took place as part of the northmodern design fair August 18-20, 2016. Bella Center in Copenhagen hosted a succesfull show with almost 5000 visitors and visitors from all over the world. At the very center of the impressive Crystal Hall, DESIGN COLLABORATIONS exhibited a wide collection of design by Lars Vejen – from jewelry, home accessories and furniture to carpets, building components, lighting and outdoor furniture. See more https://www.facebook.com/lars.vejen.design/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1028752620555580

Vol. 01
Design Collaborations was launched on 3rd of June 2016 at Turbinehallen in Aarhus, Denmark.
Lars Vejen and the manufacturing partners Ege, Cembrit, DanSign, Fermacell, Innolux, Vahle and Veksø hosted almost 200 special invited guests to a festive event with design, talks, music, drinks and food! See more https://larsvejen.dk/lars-vejen-design-collaborations-aarhus/




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